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Lights, Targets, Action!

My last stop while in Indianapolis prior to driving up to the tournament site was a visit to Ultrazone Xtreme Laser Tag of Avon. This gave me a chance to talk tag with Erik who co-owns the site with Simon, two familiar names from the world of Zone, and see what they had done with the place since taking it over from the previous ownership about a year and a half ago.

While there is nothing dramatically unusual about the build of the two level arena (except for strikingly high walls on the second level that I am too short to peer over), the signature element that they have added are the lighting effects that are triggered by tagging various targets throughout the game. Erik showed me some of the features that can be activated, starting with what happens when you destroy a base.

At first glance this base housing looks like a typical Creative Works design, but check out the lighting tubes at the top.

This is what makes taking a base here a little more interesting…

So that’s fun!

And throughout the arena there are plenty of targets to aim for and a few of them will trigger other effects. When you hit one target on a far side wall there is an LED light bar that glows brightly with lights that appear to move in the direction of the hit.

And another target when hit will make the barrels near it come to life with a vibrant, colorful reaction.

We jumped into a game with a couple of kids who came out to enjoy the night. I used the game as a chance to explore the arena further.

I picked up some special features at this game station tucked inside a little corner nook.

Before I left Erik hooked me up with a t-shirt for my tag swag collection...he knows a little bit about the importance of maintaining a good tag collection!

Then we grabbed a bite to eat and took some time to visit and talk tag before I made my drive two and a half hours north to enjoy playing some Zone in a more competitive atmosphere as night one of the Battle For The Fort Tournament was about to get underway at 1:00 in the morning…time for coffee to make it through tonight! What a great way to round out my visit to Indianapolis area. Many thanks!

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