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Ready to Revel and Roll

My next stop was to Revel and Roll West in Kalamazoo, MI.

Well, actually there was one other stop I made in between Holland and Kalamazoo at a tag site located in a nearly empty mall about an hour away from both places, but the encounter I had there was bizarre and unpleasant. I didn’t actually end up playing tag at that arena and I have no time for negativity, so I’m not even going to mention this other place by name. I’ll just say that because of that experience I arrived in Kalamazoo ready to burn off some agitated energy and thankfully Revel and Roll West turned out to be a great place to do just that and of course some good laser tag really turned my mood around!

Damon joined me for a 1v1 game and playing some Helios was exactly what I needed at this point. He gave me a very good game and a much-needed outlet for those vibes I had to shake off. This did the trick! I immediately got lost in the game and exploration of the two-level CW designed arena.

I left this stop feeling back to normal and re-energized. Thanks, Damon for making this a great time! It was good to get back to a positive mood and that’s what will be my big takeaway from my visit to Revel and Roll West.

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