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Tagging with the Royal Rangers

Since I was already in the area, I decided to visit one of the other local laser tag sites nearby. I walked in and found it to be a very quiet night, but a few teenagers were playing the arcade games and the staff told me that this group was just waiting for a few others to arrive. So, I adopted my usual seat and waited as well…and waited. A little more than half an hour went by before anyone else showed up for laser tag, but eventually things turned around when the rest of the group arrived and I realized it was worth the wait. It turns out they had a really good size group of enthusiastic players and once they got everyone organized, I could tell that this would be a good night of tag. Since they all signed up for three games I did as well. Then we went in and had a great time playing some Helios Pro.

After the first game Ian introduced himself. He appeared to be the leader of the group and I inquired about whether they were some kind of club. He told me that they were part of a Christian youth group called the Royal Rangers, part of the Full Bethel Gospel local church, and this was one of their social nights that would be topped off with a trip to a buffet afterwards. How awesome to see this group coordinating fun social trips like this and embracing the fun of laser tag! Youth programs and corporate groups are an important base for laser tag operators to appeal to and I was fortunate that my visit aligned with theirs…and not just because without them it would have been a REALLY quiet night! In my opinion it would behoove this site to move their AYCP nights to Friday and/or Saturday to encourage a more regular base of players to consistently play on the weekends, but for this particular night I was lucky to join up with a great group of players enjoying an awesome game with perfect timing to be out this particular night. It was nice to chat with them in between the games as well. Tagging with the Royal Rangers turned out to be a really great time. Hope we can play again sometime!

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