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Stepping It Up at the Hilltop

It’s a leap year so we get an extra day…that’s 24 more hours for playing laser tag, so after a couple of false starts to the day I headed for New Hampshire and got to check out Hilltop Fun Center in Somersworth, NH.

This site has recently gone through a MAJOR arena renovation in their 5000 square foot arena that is now fully decked out. They have upgraded to an impressive two-level Lasertron arena with all the bells and whistles. Very nice!

I chatted with the owner, Brian, before I went in and let him know that I was excited to play the arena, but didn’t have enough time in my schedule to do all three games that were included in my session. He encouraged me to play them all, letting me know I wouldn’t be able to fully experience everything in just one game, however I was going in with a small group, so I felt like I would still be able to get a fair sample of what the site had to offer. I didn’t need three rounds to appreciate that Lasertron really did a great job for them! You can tell when a site owner is really stepping up to make their space a premiere arena and that is certainly the case here.

The other players were experiencing Lasertron for the first time and even commented on how the referee jersey on the game master made it seem like she was taking this seriously. We got the full briefing before going in for a standard shields up game.

Periodically throughout the game bonus targets would activate.

And everyone had a great time…especially J.J. who enjoyed getting tags on me while I was preoccupied taking selfies by the sectors. :)

This site has a nice arcade and snack bar and during the warmer weather they offer mini-golf, batting cages and a driving range, but to my mind their most impressive offering has got to be this arena and I’m glad I got to experience it.

Thanks to Hilltop Fun Center for a great time playing some Tron!

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