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At-Home Laser Tag from An Unexpected Place

This entry is a little out of sequence, but timely.

During my last trip I stopped at a couple of Main Event locations in Gilbert and Avondale, AZ. I’ve been a little critical in the past about how I feel all of their laser tag locations pretty much look alike and I was going to simply illustrate that with one word… again.

However, I read something this morning in today’s Instant RePlay newsletter that made me think twice and I want to commend them on what they are doing at their Plano, TX location. Here is the article…

So, the two things that really caught my attention here are, first that they are delivering and providing free game play cards with delivery for people to use when they are able to return (very smart). But the thing that had me dig a little deeper was when I saw that they are offering (at Plano) delivery of at-home laser tag! Yes, it looks like with their food and fun bundles they are offering something to encourage stay-at-home entertainment with some degree of staying active while at home and I am impressed. It isn’t so much because I think all that much about toy laser tag being any kind of substitute for the arena experience, because it never will be, but I really do appreciate and commend them for their ingenuity in keeping laser tag in their customers’ minds even if for the time being they have to settle for playing at home. Nice move Main Event. This has taken my impression from “it’s always the same” up to “wow, they are thinking outside the box” and that is cool to see. You can see it for yourself here.

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