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Limited Edition Lazer Tag Inspired Pins

I do love a limited edition, so you can imagine how excited I was to find these limited edition Lazer Tag inspired Lazer Blaster enamel pins designed by an artist whose work I recently discovered on Etsy.

These pins are the creation of a very talented artist named Nathan Anderson and if you are a fan of all things from 80’s pop culture (as I am) his work will likely resonate with you. You will also recognize that in this context I am spelling “Lazer” with a Z because this is specifically harkening back to the Worlds of Wonder Lazer Tag brand from 1986. I asked the the artist to tell me about what inspired him to create these pins.

“I love the vintage Lazer Tag so much, still a futuristic and sleek design. It was one of my all time favorite toy guns growing up. I love that it has found a foothold in pop culture of today, being featured in Ready Player One, etc. This is a pin I’ve always wanted, so I made it (and had to make the Ultimate Edition alt white colorway). I'm hoping to make more pins in the Lazer Tag world in the future. Thanks for your interest and enjoy the pins!” - Nathan Anderson of

There are two versions available. One design is based off the black StarLyte pistol phaser that was widely available and marketed to the public. The other is an alternate version based off the white manufacturer’s sample StarLyte pistol phaser of which there were only about 20 ever made and reportedly only six known to remain in existence (one of which I’ve been lucky enough to see up close at the Laser Tag Museum).

Ok, taking a moment now for some Lazer Tag history. Although the white StarLyte pistol is the rarity and the black model made it to the mass market, the colors were reversed for the StarLyte Pro Rifle model. This version was sold in white, but there was rumored to be a prototype model made in black. Yep, it exists! And it is also in the care of the Laser Tag Museum.

When my pins arrived, my immediate thought was that one could be turned into a pendant to replace my “Tivia” necklace that I lost on my last laser tag trip somewhere around New Orleans. I thought I’d put the pin next to the black StarLyte phaser that is part of my own collection courtesy of Gord Armstrong of Laser Storm (thanks again Gord!) so you can see how accurately the pin represents the actual article.

And you’ll note that I am also wearing the one converted to be a pendant, which I am certain will be a real conversation piece!

This is a special item to have and perhaps with its limited production it could be considered something of a laser tag collectible as well.

You can see more of Nathan Anderson’s artwork at and if you are looking for a modern day Lazer Tag collectible these pins certainly hit the target!

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