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Remembering an Innovator

This week the laser tag industry said goodbye to one of its true innovators with the passing of Mr. Jeff Schilling, founder of Creative Works.

I never actually had the chance to meet this man in person, but his work left an indelible mark on my life. I would say at least 60% (and that percentage is probably even higher) of the laser tag locations where I have played over the years have included the arena designs of Creative Works. Any time I have made a reference in this blog to “those walls” I have been referring to the familiar aesthetic of the design work of Jeff Schilling’s company that is responsible for brightening the interiors of laser tag arenas all over the world, including my home site in Syracuse where we can’t wait to get back to playing around those very walls.

One thing I learned just yesterday is that Jeff Schilling was the recipient of a very special honor from the Laser Tag Museum. Last month he became the third person ever to receive the Industry Innovator Award. To give you an idea of the company he keeps with this award, the only two other gentlemen to receive it are George Carter III and Martin Shoebridge, so this really was a very fitting honor and I am heartened to know that it happened when it did.

So, it is with respect and appreciation for all his work I want to take a moment to say thank you to Mr. Jeff Schilling and express my condolences to his family and friends. He was indeed an innovator for the laser tag industry and will be remembered.

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