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A Little Wild and A Little Strange

It’s a little wild and a little strange…

when you make your home at a laser game!

That theme song is playing on repeat in your head now, isn’t it? Your welcome. And while I’m already in there…you just lost the GAME, lol!

Here’s why I opened with that memorable 90s ear worm…

When your favorite actor personally recommends that “next time you’re in the California laser tag area there’s a good one in Sherman Oaks” you certainly have to pay attention!

So, of course, next time I found myself in California, that’s exactly where I went. Pretty much all my friends in the Los Angeles area have an affinity for Zone, so playing at Ultrazone in Sherman Oaks was already a given. Seeing it again just reminded me of all the things I love about this place. The arena is definitely unique!

And the base housing structures are among the coolest I’ve seen. These are some of the things that resulted in their placement on Tivia’s Top Ten list in 2020 and this time around I got some even better pics while we enjoyed a game of Nexus with a really enthusiastic group of players.

What a great time we had at Ultrazone!

Now, tying it all back to where this post started, let’s talk about some of the side adventures I had that were also “a little wild and a little strange.”

California should have been my first stop once I landed on the west coast, but due to the timing of the tv news promotion in Las Vegas I had to revise my plans, which left me with a little extra time to enjoy Las Vegas. What did I do with those extra days?

Well, the start of the trip was “a little wild” with a visit to the Lion Habitat Ranch (another wild ranch story?) in Henderson, NV. This is where I made friends with a giraffe named Ozzie.

This sweetheart has some talent too! I got to watch Ozzie put his skills to work actually painting a piece of art.

And it hardly gets more wild than this!

Yes, this is a live lion named Swifty. Hope he isn’t as hungry as these brothers were!

So, that was the “wild” part of the trip. As for “a little strange”…an impromptu trip to Meow Wolf and Area15 following the final day of the expo captured this perfectly. I was invited to join Guthrie, Gaizat and Lathan to check out a really cool (and definitely strange!) interactive art exhibit with a quasi-story theme connected around the inner workings of “Omega Mart”. I don’t even know how to describe this!

The experience begins and ends in a supermarket setting where anything can happen!  At one point we found ourselves inside a freezer.

But this was actually one of several “portals” to the hidden world of Omega Mart which included some of these amazing visual and sensory exhibits…

One way or another, we all found our way out of the exhibit.

And then we ended the night with some BBQ, which was delicious, but possibly qualifies as both “wild and strange!”

So while my laser tag adventures are the main story, there are always stories behind the stories and some remarkable side trips along the way!

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