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A Surge of Fun

As my tag travels through the south continued I found myself in Mobile, AL paying a visit to Surge Entertainment located in the Shoppes at Bel Air. I had been given heads up that this was one to watch and that they had a new theme going into effect, so I was keeping my eyes open, watching for something different…I needed to look up!

I want to shout out Roberta, an excellent staff member who impressed me a lot. When I arrived, the kid at the bowling counter pointed me in the direction of laser tag and when I got there I looked around for someone to help me. Roberta was right on top of things and told me their procedure is for me to buy a game card from a kiosk. When I asked “where and how” she personally walked me over to the kiosk and took me through the process step by step. THAT is an impressive extra gesture that I don’t see in too many places. I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve been in this same scenario where the staff member just pointed in a vague direction disinterestedly. Too many of those experiences make a good, attentive employee stand out all the more.

She then walked me over to the vesting room and gave a thorough, informative briefing. Plus, I was the only one there so she was also ready and willing to do a 1v1 so I could experience the arena. I appreciate people like Roberta who provide a great customer experience. She is an asset to this business.

We entered the Serpent’s Curse laser tag arena with our Delta Strike Genesis gear. Ok, I’m a reptile mama, so as you can guess I was loving this theme, which I understand is different from some of the other Surge locations with laser tag. There were plenty of cool snakes all throughout the space.

I loved the way these props formed cool archways. If you are looking for it, there are also color distinctions in the snakes, which helps identify different parts of this single-level arena.

And some of the serpents serve a functional purpose, such as being a target housing. You have to look up to see the bonus target positioned under this serpent’s head.

The atmosphere had a lot of cool accents to enhance the space.

I always enjoy seeing unique theming in an arena and I felt like this one did a good job freshening some classic theming with some pieces I was seeing for the first time.

I enjoyed my game experience at Surge Entertainment in Mobile, AL and hope to visit some others. The was intrigued to learn that these facilities are co-owned by Drew Brees, known for being a star quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.

Perhaps next time I’ll get to play one of their locations in Louisiana, but for now I was delighted to enjoy a game in Mobile because this was a great way to check off Alabama as I continue to laser tag my way through all 50 states.

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