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A Total Tag Transformation

I have previously visited the Fun Warehouse in Myrtle Beach, SC and I returned to this site in large part because I get such a smile from playing at an arena with the same name as my home site. However, it has been a few years since I had last played here, and I discovered that since then the arena has undergone a total tag transformation!

One of the changes they have made is the gear. Last time I was here they were operating with one equipment, but manager Richard gave me heads up to the fact that they now had gear with a selfie camera on the phaser. This sounds familiar…sure enough, this time I found myself playing with the new Cyber Blast gear.

So that was part of the transformation. There was plenty to enjoy about the game and quite a few players had shown up for their AYCP night. From the animated video projection targets to the various other targets positioned throughout the new system had plenty to offer, however the game itself took a bit of a backseat this time. Why? Because I was so completely enthralled with the new aesthetic given to their existing arena build!

This site has a CW arena that last time I was here looked, well, like a typical CW arena. However, what blew my mine was the way the entire space had been repainted and restyled. Check out how a redesign can take an arena we’ve seen many times before and gives it a completely fresh new style.

The base housings had an almost 3D look with these new squares of color, which had a bit of an iridescent look.

It was interesting to see how a different designer can make such a cool transformation to a familiar build. I really love the new look inside this arena!

I’m impressed with the ingenuity and of course I love playing at the Fun Warehouse, whether it’s down in Myrtle Beach or at the completely unrelated site back home. It’s always fun, but this time it was truly a “Blast” to play!

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