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Amp Up a Memorable Experience

There’s a memorable arch in St. Louis, which I have visited on a previous visit to the area. This time I was happy to find an arch inside the briefing room at Amp Up Action Park in Town & Country, MO instead! As I vested up I appreciated the cool, locally theming behind me.

This was an impressive touch, as I really love to see something distinctively unique that sticks out in my mind to remember…and that was before I even entered the arena. Imagine my reaction when I walked in and found this HUGE circuit board of a maze in front of me!

This is a really cool arena layout with simple, but very effective neon theming throughout the full lower level and also the second floor mezzanine with a lot of fully playable space.

And targeting the two bases in the lower level added more interest to the 1v1 game I enjoyed with Chase…who lived up to his name.

Memorable? distinctive? This arena checks all the boxes and was a great time!

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