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An Amazing Night at Woodman Laser Tag!

Woodman Laser Tag in Kettering, Ohio provided one of the best game experiences of my entire trip so far! Located inside Woodman Lanes is a nice, two level laser tag arena running Helios CE. However, what made this visit most memorable were the players.

I had shown up a little before their All You Can Play night began, so there were some regulars and some staff members available to go into the game. These guys rocked! They brought a very competitive level of play and I think we’re a little surprised when I did the same. It was by far the best laser tag game of my day!

The arena runs lengthwise with ramps leading to the top.

It has been constructed with a fairly standard CW design.

What I have noticed about CW arenas is that the floor plan is very predictable (once you’ve played in a couple hundred of them), so it does not put me at any disadvantage to go into an unfamiliar arena cold. I know how to maneuver and anticipate certain things based on the typical way those arenas play. I usually start out by locating and destroying the base.

And from there I can focus on the other players. Again, at this site the players made it an exceptional experience. This may not be a site with official “members”, but these guys played like they were and it was a really nice way to (nearly) end the day. This game was intense, but so much fun!

The staff was really friendly and accommodating as well and if I had more time in my evening I could have played here all night (especially with AYCP going on). However, I had to move on with good reason. You see, Woodman Laser Tag had just become my 349th arena, but the day could not end until I paid a visit to one more site to hit 350. If not for planning around this goal I would have definitely loved to get in more games with this group. I thank everyone at Woodman Lanes and Woodman Laser Tag for a really great time!

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Heather Gray
Heather Gray
Jun 14, 2021

Thanks so much for visiting! Glad we were able to provide a fun experience for you. Come back and see us.

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