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An Elev8ing Experience

During my recent visit to Florida, I had three days planned for attending the IAAPA trade show, but you know I had to check out the new arenas in the Orlando area while I was there! I had met Keith Baldwin, the Director of Operations from Elev8 Fun, while conducting podcast interviews and he told me about their entertainment center in Sanford, Florida which was already on my radar and I added it to my schedule, paying a visit that very night.

I had already made dinner plans nearby, so it was easy to work this visit into my travels, however I didn’t actually arrive until just before closing time. Since there were no other players there at that moment, I was delighted when staff member, Zion, volunteered to play against me so I could still experience the arena. I thank him for being enthusiastic and making sure I was still able to enjoy quality game, even with it being the last game of the night.

I had taken an escalator to the lower level of this FEC that where I found an impressive go-kart track, pool tables and more. This FEC also features bowling, mini golf and other attractions. However, my eyes immediately went to the observation window outside of the laser tag arena. It looked so sharp that at first glance I thought it was a huge HD monitor. However, it is a glass viewing window, which I love because it allows people outside to watch and be engaged with the games going on inside. I really love to see observation decks and this one gave a nice peek inside the arena before I stepped foot inside.

Zion and I suited up in CyberBlast vests and the game marshal offered instruction, pointing out features on the phaser.

Then we started a game and kept it pretty tight, trading tags and maneuvering throughout a beautiful space-themed arena. The things that caught my eye as we played were the target graphics (not actual targets) that gave the walls a “window to space” kind of look.

There were detailed computer schematics on some walls and the base housings had faux computer screen graphics, so the whole vibe was that you are tagging on a spaceship.

I love space themes the most, so this really resonated with me.

When the game was over, we checked the giant scoreboard monitor positioned prominently surrounded by decorative metal trussing.

Although my selfie photo did not appear this time, you can guess which score was mine. :)

Before I left, I purchased some Mini-Melts (my favorite arcade snack) to enjoy on my way back. I’m so glad I had a chance to pay a visit to Elev8 and enjoy a game of laser tag.

As a side note, I mentioned that I was already in the area for dinner before my laser tag game. This was a special night because many years ago when I first started my career in radio, I was part of a morning show called The Wake-Up Jam. I have not seen my old radio partner, Harry, since those early days doing our show. However, it turns out that he is living now in Florida, so we were able to have a really nice Wake-Up Jam reunion. Feeling a bit nostalgic, here’s a chance to see us then and now.

So, these were both really nice, memorable highlights that really helped to “Elev8” the quality of my night!

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