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An Experience in Evansville

Sometimes laser tag can be intense. Sometimes it can just be light and fun. And sometimes watching the next generation experiencing it for the first time helps put a bit of perspective on the bigger picture. That was how it felt as I joined this sweet little girl, Lainey, and her Nonni for a light and completely joyful game of CyberBlast when I paid a visit to Walther’s Golf and Fun in Evansville, IN.

Lainey was fearless and having a wonderful time! Nonni was never far from the girl and, as for me? Well, I was deliberately turning my back in front of them and hoping she would catch sight of my lack so she could tag me and win the game (which I am happy to say, she did). Lainey bounced back and forth between us, one moment declaring “I’m your partner now!” Then the next moment she was back partnering with her Nonni, explaining “I don’t want her to feel bad!” It was so precious being able to not only see her confidently striding around and doing her best, but also being able to teach her what to do along the way. I would point out the targets and she would happily claim the points. This little girl left her first laser tag experience feeling very happy and victorious and it filled my heart to see it.

Our game took place in a really attractive, single-level arena located on the top floor of the fun center and decked out with a lot of cool structures.

The most memorable were the center tower and the color changing corner creation.

And of course we can’t forget snakes on a…bus?

The bus was raised ever so slightly to be a platform with a view.

And as I looked out over the arena I appreciated that there was some clear that through all these cool accents there was thought given to taking a smaller space and turning it into something special.

I was impressed with what I saw of the arena and the entire staff were very welcoming. It was well worth making the drive to experience the laser tag at Walther’s Golf and Fun.

I stopped for some mini-corn dogs at the snack bar before continuing back to Owensboro where I had started my day.

It’s not often I have spare time on a tag trip, but as I was not expected at my next arena for a few hours I decided to return to the convention center where I had started my morning doing…well…I can’t exactly explain what I was doing. You’ll have to see this for yourself!

I’ll admit, I had no idea what an Appa was before today. I’m inclined to show my age by  just calling this creature a “luck dragon” instead! And maybe there was some luck involved in that somehow I landed exactly where I needed to be this weekend.

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