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An Industry Leader Interview with George Carter III, the Inventor of Photon

George Carter III is widely regarded as the father of the laser tag industry as the inventor of Photon, the very first commercial laser tag game system that started it all when Photon first opened to the public in Dallas, TX on March 28, 1984. We me for the first time thirty years later in 2014 and he has generously shared many first-hand stories of the development of his iconic laser tag system. This past week George Carter took some time for an interview with me to discuss the history of Photon for inclusion in the Laser Tag Museum’s Oral History of Laser Tag Industry Leader Interview Collection.

Please visit the Laser Tag Museum website and you will find the video of this interview at the link below.

My thanks again to George Carter III for generously taking the time for this interview and for many wonderful memories along the way.

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