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An Infuzion of Fun

I ended my first night in California tagging with my teammates from the Zone Nats. Josef and Noah and I were joined by James for some Helios Pro at Infuzion Zone in Chino Hills.

Ironically, it appears that outside of tournaments the majority of my Zone games since the pandemic have been played in California, so when asked about my home site (as a New York player with no site nearby), lately I have been saying that I am a Chino Hills player. I guess this is home!

I have enjoyed games here on several trips to California. I love the big statement structure in the middle of the arena.

But what I enjoy the most is having players on both coasts that are willing to join me for tag even when I show up with hardly any notice. I also like that I can capture these tag memories here without getting a tick for having my phone in the arena (this is a reference to what - as a blogger - I feel is a really stupid tournament rule).

Towards the end of the night we got some arena time to ourselves and played some Swede format games. Even though I was exhausted by this point in the day (I had crossed the country with very little sleep, running purely on adrenaline) I had a great time with these guys and a wonderful night at Infuzion Zone.

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