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And I Shall Call It Little-Cuse

You can’t imagine how happy I was to discover that Thrill It Fun Center in Orange, CA is actually located at a beautiful, open-air outlet mall. Tag and shopping…what could be better?

I was literally the first person walking in the building, arriving as they were unlocking the door for the day, because I had a schedule to keep and needed to get in on an early game. While I waited I looked around. I’ve developed a bit of intuition about what system I’m going to find in certain arenas when I walk in cold with no advance info. Somehow I just knew as soon as I saw this spaceship outside of the arena that I would be playing some Laser Blast at this site.

A staff member joined me and we walked into the briefing/vesting area and, sure enough, there were the Blast packs. And there was something else.

As soon as I saw this guy on the wall I had my second premonition. Call me Kreskin, but I just knew without a doubt that inside the arena I would find the walls…THOSE WALLS!

These are a CW staple that I am hyper-aware of finding because they match the walls in my home arena back in Syracuse. I see them quite a bit in other arenas. Awhile back I posted a little contest to see who could guess exactly how many times I’ve come across them. And sure enough, I was right, so the number has just gone up again! But even more than that, this really looked like a compact version of my home arena from the walls to the base housing to the little towers (which to be fair we’re not identical, but this theme typically includes the same elements, even if there are slight variants).

Although this is a two level space, it feels a little snug. I realize they won’t be running as many players through and the customer base for the outlet mall will certainly be different as well. However, the similarities were otherwise solid so I shall call this Little-Cuse!

One distinction however is they had some nice space theming on the walls. I like that and it works well with the aesthetic. It provides the space with a little more personality to have some wall art.

We started the game and there were a few equipment issues. I’m not going to dwell on that because I know the girl who helped to make an early game possible does not normally run laser tag and she certainly did her best to handle the issues. So instead I’ll just say it was fun and the fact that I was able to enjoy some shopping during this stop made the experience even better!

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