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Can’t Judge An Arena By It’s (Vinyl) Cover

When I arrived at Papio Fun Park in Papillon, NE I had no idea what I’d find, but I was not expecting this!

You see, looks can be deceiving. After purchasing my game pass I was directed to a roped off area with a row of Lazer Runner vests with a vinyl-covered entrance, which led me to believe I was about to enter a makeshift or mobile style vinyl arena. I had seen this kind of thing before.

So you can imagine how delighted I was to find a far more impressive arena design when I passed through the entryway!

I can tell you that photos really don’t do it justice. There were ramps on both sides of a balcony-style second level and the entire place was splattered in neon paint glowing brightly under the black lights that made my teeth glow as brightly as Ross’s in that one episode of Friends, lol.

The upper level was the most intriguing part of the arena, as it included a center alcove with some creative cutouts and fishbowl windows overlooking the whole arena.

Now, upon closer examination, these colorful panels probably were vinyl coverings, but they looked much more impressive incorporated into the overall design of a well-built arena structure.

And when the game was over I walked out feeling that this experience really exceeded my expectations, proving you can’t judge an arena by its cover…especially if it’s a vinyl cover!

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