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Countdown to the Main Event

My countdown to the Main Event continues! I am still working my way through the remaining handful of Main Event locations where I have yet to play. Not too long ago I set a goal for myself to play laser tag at every Main Event arena in the country and I got to check one more off the list when I paid a visit to Main Event in Avon, OH on my way back home following my Indiana trip.

If you’ve been following along you know that I traditionally take the same three photos in the very same three positions at every Main Event, ever since realizing that I could because of the similar layout that they have in common. I typically start with a photo in the vesting room in front of the drawing of the phaser on the mural above the vesting racks. Well…

…this time the mural was positioned about two yards to the right of where it usually is at other Main Event locations. Now THAT is the kind of minutiae you won’t get anywhere else, lol!

So when I took my “same spot” pic here I was next to an image of the vest instead and the image of the phaser that I usually stand in front of was by the employee control station.

I put on my Delta Strike pack and went in to enjoy the game.

Then when it was over I did get my other photos in the same positions that I always do. However, you can see the arena much better in these pics because as soon as the game was over the main lights went on. So you can get a much better look at what the Main Event arenas really look like.

By my count I only have seven Main Event arenas left to play, so follow along and let’s see if I can complete this goal and take these same pics seven more times!

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