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Fun at Funway

I’m jumping slightly out of order to tell you about my visit to Funway in Batavia, IL. This was a quick game with a quick story. When I arrived, there was nobody signed up for the game, so the girl at the counter told me it was too bad her coworker Chris wasn’t around because he calls himself “the laser tag sensei” and could give me some good competition. I agreed it was a shame because my codename is homage to the laser tag ninja princess and that could have been a fun pairing. Instead, she told me I could play against Kaleb. Kaleb’s response to hearing this was “Dammit” (this is actually happening). So, as I vested up with the Zone Helios 2 gear, I was expecting a certain kind of game. Then I ended up with a completely different experience.

Right then a small family group showed up, which included a teen who knew what he was doing and a dad who thought he did. Decision time…play hard, play light, go for targets? I decided that more than anything else I just needed to burn off some energy after spending over six hours in my rental car driving in from Minneapolis. So, I settled on tagging the players at a light-medium intensity level, but circling the whole arena repeatedly and I just tagged the targets over and over in order to keep moving around and shake out the stiffness from spending so much time driving around.

The basic CW arena was a small, simple one level with nothing unusual about the walls of theme.

However, there were a crazy number of targets in there considering the small size! So, I racked up my points primarily on targets with only occasional player tags, so as to have a good experience myself without playing too hard against the others.

It was one of those experiences where I had fun, but don’t have anything particularly exceptional to say about it. That’s why I’m sharing this stop out of order so I can wrap up my laser tag trip stories with something I found a little more memorable. All in all though, it was a nice break for some H2 and that was the main thing that made for some fun at Funway!

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