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Genesis, Yes!

Up until now I have only had one opportunity to play using Delta Strike Genesis, the newest version of their equipment. That’s why I was so pleased to have two opportunities on Friday to get into games using this gear in rather unique arenas.

My first stop was to Urban Air in Frederick, MD where I was joined by Mario, Nader and Steven for the first game of the day.

We entered the vesting room where I was delighted to see the rainbow-lit packs lined up along the racks. I must say, from the back these are probably the most attractive laser tag packs currently on the market.

We suited up and entered a quasi-open air arena. I know one of the things that has been touted as unique about these new Urban Air arenas is the open style that allows you to see into the arena from other parts of the facility. However, due to the lengthwise flow of this one you can’t see very far into it until you are in the game.

Once in the game I had a really good time! I can’t say that I see that many differences in the game experiences I’ve had between Genesis and Evolution, but I did enjoy playing with these guys. We maneuvered through the space that has a raised platform area in the middle and UA logos incorporated throughout.

The video bases and interactive gates are fun extra features that add something more to the game.

We played a one shot game, which I prefer to the multi-shot version that I more frequently encounter. When I left Urban Air I was pumped up, ready for whatever I would experience along the journey.

A short time later I met up with Travis at the Fun Castle Fun Center in Greencastle, PA.

We had both driven over an hour from different directions to get to this site and were a little disheartened to find the laser tag center was not operating on the same time schedule as the rest of the facility. At least that gave us a chance to take a lunch break before our game.

The laser tag arena was housed in a separate building from the rest of the fun center. I was impressed when we entered the bright vesting room.

The arena was a cool looking single level space decked out in neon geometric patterns to accent the space themed murals on the outer walls.

We played another one shot game, commenting about how different this feels compared to what we consider the “normal” Delta Strike game experience, but personally I prefer this format. It feels more like I like my laser tag to be. We played a close game while experimenting with the shots and angles. I was glad to have a good sparring partner for this game. When all was said and done, I had won by only one shot, so Kudos to Travis for keeping the game tight! I’m glad I had a more thorough opportunity to really sink my teeth into the new Delta Strike experience, to which I now say “Genesis, yes!”

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