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I’ll Do The Briefing!

While heading back towards the airport I stopped for a quick game of laser tag at the Bowlero in Gilbert, AZ. At first it looked like I might not be able to get into a game because timing was such that I happened to be the only person there for tag. After a conversation with the manager, I greatly appreciate her freeing up a couple of staff members to play against me so I could experience their two-story arena.

I was joined by Javie and Jan, who acknowledged that this was his first ever game of laser tag, so I smiled and said “ok, I’ll do the briefing!” :)

Me (speaking in rapid fire): “Ok guys, this is Zone Helios CE. Two hands on the phaser to fire. No running, jumping, climbing, sitting, kneeling or lying down. Play it fair, play it safe and give it your all!”

Ready? Let’s go!

This was an awesome game. I really love getting to use this style of phaser because it takes me right back to my laser tag beginning.

I enjoyed playing against these guys (and noted this HAD to be the best ten minutes of their work day!) as we traversed both levels of the arena.

The arena is beautifully done, but I will reiterate an observation from my previous post that is in no way a criticism of this arena, but more of a critique for the industry overall…I believe it is of greater benefit to all involved when arenas in close proximity to each other are not designed with too many similarities, regardless of which came first.

I really enjoyed getting to experience this arena and play one of my favorite games. Kudos to my worthy competitors! And again, my thanks to the manager who made it possible for me to enjoy some awesome laser tag during my visit to Bowlero Gilbert.

This turned out to be my last laser tag of the day. However, there was one place I thought had tag (turns out they didn’t), but it was located in a mall that also featured a LegoLand attraction so, I ended my trip checking out some VERY cool Lego displays!

What a cool way to wrap up my time in Arizona!

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