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Interesting Greeting

I’d love to say that what I will remember most about my visit to Universal Nonstop in Warren, MI is the awesome arena (as it is very nice) or the time spent with friends, as this was where Scuba Steve and Ski Patrol Dave and I first met up once we all got into town. I’d love to say that, but in reality, the most memorable part of this visit was the interesting greeting I got at the entrance to the building.

Security at the front gate was barely any less than what I experience going through TSA at the airport. A serious looking security guard at the door requested to see my ID, which he then proceeded to scan and then asked me to look into a camera to take a picture of my face. He asked me to open my belt bag and he checked the contents before then asking me to remove it entirely (it is attached to my belt so the whole belt had to come off) and he asked me to deposit that and my heavier bracelets into a metal container before walking through a metal detector that was being attended to by a second security guard. Now, I will never complain about a business trying to keep their customers safe. I just think it is an unfortunate commentary on our society that we have gotten to this point.

Actually, I will instead take this opportunity to say thank you to the management and the security team for being proactive about safety because Dave later went online and found this…

But I don’t want to dwell on the sad state of the world on the outside, when I can tell you about the cool things we experienced inside. Once I was cleared to go into the building I had a wonderful experience at the arena, as Steve and Dave were there waiting for me when I arrived. We put on our Laserforce packs and got ready to check out the arena.

This was a nice double-level arena with plenty of targets and some eye-catching accents, like a bus in the middle and a tank “crashing” through the wall.

We played the majority of our game on the upper level, dodging and weaving around the walls and tagging out the bases.

So far this was the best game of the day, in part because it was a cool arena, but mostly because it was played with friends.

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