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Jurassic Troublemakers

I will wait to discuss the tournament for now, just so I can share that info all together, but let’s instead skip ahead to what happened following the first day of competition.

There was one more arena on my radar and I wanted to play it before we left Michigan, so Snake Eyes and Dave joined me for a visit to Fun ZoneZ in Redford Charter Township.

This one intrigued me because this center has a fully-executed dinosaur theme from entrance to arena and everything in between. And as the mama to a “baby dinosaur” (my gecko Heli) you know I love dinosaurs and reptiles, so this was right up my alley!

We headed for the vesting room to pick up our packs.

Dave was especially excited because by playing a game of CyberBlast using his membership card at one more arena he would be able to unlock some special achievements on his account.

I have not been actively trying to use mine, but I certainly hoped he would be able to accomplish his goal. Dave asked the game marshal if it would be possible to press the button to load the game to the packs so that his card could register to pick up the achievement. He is more familiar than I am with the tech part of how this system works and the staff had seemingly never been asked about this before. They really did their best to accommodate, but had to involve managers to look into the question and this is why I jokingly say we became Jurassic troublemakers, lol! Well, really we were just those crazy laser tag people (not for the first time, I’m sure) and while they were working on Dave’s question it afforded me some time to check out a REALLY unique arena!

This place has ramp over ramp over ramp leading you up through several levels of the space with high, Swiss cheese walls separating it out. Photos really do not do it justice.

In a couple of corners, I discovered something Laser Blast has recently introduced, which I had not yet experienced first-hand. I’m talking about in-game trivia monitors!

Now, to be clear, no matter which company incorporates this feature, I have NEVER been a fan of stopping to answer a trivia question in the middle of a laser tag game, however since this was the first time I had seen the LB interpretation I was happy to try it out, simply for the novelty of it.

When you are in front of one of these monitors you will be asked to tag a corner of the screen to engage in a trivia question.

Then you will be presented with the question and can tag a multiple-choice answer in any of the four corners of the screen.

If you are correct, you can earn bonus points or power-ups.

So that was cool to experience for the first time. In the opposite upper corners, I found the more traditional bases.

Then I went off in search of the projection target.

I have encountered this feature in several arenas at this point, but I had never before seen the dinosaur animations that they incorporated here.

I wonder how much of this might also be customized, as certain things like pack names clearly had been. I was repping the name Gigantoraptor.

So, this was a successful stop because Dave earned his achievement and Snake Eyes and I just had a great time with it. I must admit, the theme had me missing my little Heli (named for Helios Pro). Here’s my beautiful baby dino.

And from there we sat down for our first real break that day to enjoy our dinner at Szechuan Empire in Livonia (shouting them out for the AMAZING walnut shrimp over broccoli) before returning to get some rest before Armageddon Day 2.

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