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Kicking Off the New Year with Some Tag for a Great Cause

I want to give some big thanks to these Laserforce players who helped kick off the new year by participating in the first Tag 4 A Cause Laser Tag 5K Challenge of 2022!

The FWH members here all made donations last night to Ronald McDonald House Charities while earning their laser tag 5K challenge medal during a very full night of tag. And just to add a little extra fun, participation in the challenge also qualified them to play for the “First Phaser of 2022” trophy during the first game of the new year scheduled to take place just after midnight.

I was rocking my light up mask all night to celebrate New Year’s with some glitz!

Members events like this are always a great time because we get to play some of the more unusual game formats that are not typically offered during public nights. I especially enjoyed an original game that Fox had initially programmed for a different site, but also added here using the emulator. The game is called Armageddon and it allows you 90 shots and 9 lives before you are out of the game. It also includes stuns, so you probably can guess what system it emulates. ;) This was my first time even hearing about this game. I love that we are able to enjoy such a wide variety of game formats.

The night also included some classic LF games like the newly released LaserBall and we dusted off some other formats like D&D and Gladiator. And the members earned some new achievements during a few games.

The one we most wanted to get tonight (because you really only have one shot at it) was The Final Countdown, which required us to sign in and start a game prior to midnight on New Year’s Eve and be playing it as the clock crossed over into New Year’s Day. Some of these achievements are difficult to obtain and with :45 seconds to midnight we made it into the start of this game with just a sliver of enough time to earn the achievement.

After that it was time for the first game of New Year’s Day and this was the designated Tag 4 A Cause high score game of Escalation. Whoever pulled the highest score in this one would take home the “First Phaser” trophy. I love this format because you can rack up some really high scores and strategy sometimes outshines traditional technique. This round was won by one of our young, newer members. Congratulations to Maddie (aka Dovewing/Nobody) finishing with a score of 82,141, which earned her the First Phaser of 2022!

The new Tag 4 A Cause Laser Tag 5K Challenge has officially launched and between now and the end of March we will continue to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities. As always, you can participate and earn your own 5K medal at any laser tag arena, anywhere and the next Tag 4 A Cause night will be announced soon. Want to learn more? Check it out at

I look forward to lots more laser tag ahead and I wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe New Year!

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