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My 350th Laser Tag Arena

As I got closer to the point of playing my 350th laser tag arena I began to consider what kind of site I wanted to visit to make hitting that mark a bit special. I decided the right place for this milestone number would be Scene 75 Dayton because they are truly a phoenix rising story, rebuilding from a natural disaster and returning bigger and better than they were before.

I have been following this location for awhile and knew they had faced some pretty big challenges in the last couple of years. When I introduced myself to manager Maddie upon my arrival she told me the whole story.

Memorial Day weekend of 2019 the Scene 75 Dayton building was hit by a tornado that ripped off the roof of their family entertainment center. They then had the massive cleanup to deal with from the resulting flooding of the building and it took months to remove all the trash and debris from this disaster.

The staff helped with the clean-up efforts, but so much of their stock, inventory and attractions were absolutely ruined inside what had been their flagship 80,000 square foot facility. But they were determined to rebuild and re-open again.

Scene 75 rebuilt and grew their facility by an additional 40,000 square feet above what they originally started with and they were projected to re-open in the spring of 2020…and then the pandemic happened.

It was almost another year before they were able to get the expanded facility back open to the public, which they accomplished on December 16, 2020. Several months later I was able to see the fruits of their efforts in person.

Now at 126,000 square feet, Scene 75 Dayton is the largest indoor entertainment center in the USA.

They replaced their laser tag gear with new Laserforce Gen 8 equipment and Art Attack gave them a full revamp to their Raging Storm fire and ice theme inside their rebuilt 7,727 square foot, two story laser tag arena within the center.

The centerpiece of the arena is a volcano structure that illustrates the merging of the two distinctive sides of the arena.

I was really impressed with the aesthetic of this arena and the decorative pieces that add a lot, such as the ice cube base housing and the little lava spurts located throughout the lower level.

I had planned my route deliberately to make this my last stop of the day. It only worked out if I was able to get to eight other arenas first. Fortunately, I showed up in just enough time to get in on the last game of the night. It was such a great time!

I appreciated the welcome I got from Maddie and the team members I met.

I can officially now say that I have visited every Scene 75 location (having played in Pittsburgh over a year ago and Scene 75 Cleveland was actually my 200th arena). What I enjoy the most about all my visits is seeing something new at each location. All of their arenas have a different theme and all have been excellent sites to play. It was great to log my 350th laser tag arena and I was really pleased for that to happen at a site that has overcome adversity to emerge bigger and better than ever. Thank you Scene 75 Dayton!

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