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My 500th Laser Tag Arena with My Friends

This weekend marked a significant milestone in my laser tag journey. I played my 500th laser tag arena at a really amazing location, Game On Social Hub, opening soon in Kenner, LA!

What makes this even more special is that it was the very first game (a preview game) ever played in this remarkable, Photon themed arena and that I got to play it alongside my Plausible Deniability teammates, Scuba, Woz and Cookie.

The idea to try to make my visit to this site coincide with being my 500th arena was one that Scuba and I had been discussing ever since last July. It required a fair amount of coordinating and we hoped the business would be open in time. As it happens, they are still a couple of weeks away from being open to the public, but I cannot thank Davor, Ricky and Christy enough for allowing us to play a preview game and get a sneak peek of what is about to be an AMAZING place for laser tag and so much more!

There is something so special about a Photon arena and for this location to incorporate that theme nearly 40 years after the first Photon opened shows an amazing respect for the history of the game (and their past successes in Louisiana), but is modernized with a fresh approach to lighting and design that took my breath away the moment I entered the arena. Welcome Photon warriors…I mean, Laserforce warriors!

It is a modified alpha field design with three towers that pay homage to the granddaddy of all laser tag, but the sleek look of the arena includes literally thousands of LED lights embedded in a thick layer of heavy-grade plastic borders that make the doorways glow with an other-worldly look. You really feel transported to another world as you venture in and around these classic trapezoidal archways. This arena is the very definition of immersive!

And I cannot overemphasize how special it is to see these Photon towers once again!

At 4200 square feet the actual footprint of the arena is deceptive because it feels significantly larger, no doubt because of the amazing height of these statement structures.

THIS is why I worked so hard to make all the pieces line up so that I could play my milestone 500th at Game On Social Hub. At this moment in time, this is the ONLY Photon-style arena left in the world. The final four (Metairie, Baton Rouge, Laurel and Louisville) all closed for various reasons in or around the time of the pandemic. So if you are an old-school Photon Warrior this will feel like coming home. If you are not, it will still impress simply because of the grandeur of what they have built here. This was a really special experience.

The game itself was a treat because it was a preview experience before the official opening (they are planning to open within the next couple of weeks), so this documents what was the very first game ever played inside this arena.

There is so much more that people will be able to enjoy here. I took a photo underneath the laser tag sign (familiar to anyone who ever played in the past at Laser Tag and Games of Metairie) because this wall is about to be filled with additional arcade attractions.

We got a tour of everything that is about to be available including a full bowling alley with AR game effects and Edison lighting for a soft, cool atmosphere. We lounged on the most luxe couches I’ve ever seen at an FEC in the private VIP bowling area. There are party rooms that can be divided into several spaces or opened into one larger room with garage door-style room separators. They plan to add video poker as well. A full kitchen and beautiful bar set underneath similar Edison lighting make this place look really upscale with trendy style that will appeal to an adult demographic, while still having something for all ages to enjoy.

One attraction I got to sample was their axe throwing. In the past few years I have watched this develop into a popular activity that I wish I could say I was better at. The irony for me is that back in the day (don’t guess how many days!) I was a Lumberjack Princess (yes, that was a real thing), and for years I have been involved with lumberjack and woodsmen’s festivals, but I never knew those skills would be necessary again!

Am I the only L.P. who never got good at this, lol? You can see my axe flying in mid-air…and that’s where my tosses landed every time! However, I know other people who are excellent at these games and can hit these projection targets with amazing accuracy, whether it’s the circle targets, connect four or tic tac toe. I will work to improve my skills when I next get to visit Game On Social Hub (and I DEFINITELY will make a return trip).

When our visit was over, my teammates and I went out to sample some Louisiana favorites. I’m not usually someone who photographs my food, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my crab cake/eggplant stack (with a piece of catfish on the side) and following it up with a local treat they call a snowball. OMG, the southern food was incredible!

What a way to commemorate my 500th laser tag arena with my friends. I am so lucky to have had this many amazing experiences and to have met some wonderful people along the way!

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