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Never Assume!

Walking into Boondocks of Kaysville, UT I was expecting to sum it up by saying it’s about the same as every other Boondocks experience I have had. Well, never assume!

This one was by far my best experience at a Boondocks and I apologize for pre-judging it based on other locations. This place has a nicer, newer double-level Lasertron arena that was really a joy to play.

It was a simple shields up/down game with bonus targets activated sporadically throughout the session.

I purchased my admission assuming that I would get one game on tag, but actually the price included a double game session, which was a nice surprise and made it a good value too. I had pulled the high score in the first game and I decided to duck out before the start of the second one only because I still had a full night of tag still up ahead!

However, if I had more time to spare I would have welcomed the chance to stay a bit longer at Boondocks of Kaysville and I will remember this next time I have occasion to visit another Boondocks in my travels.

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