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Old Meets New - The First CW Arena, Now with Delta Strike Genesis

When I was touring Creative Works earlier in the day, Russ Van Natta suggested that I pay a visit to the very first CW arena ever installed at the nearby Royal Pin Expo Bowl (formerly Laser Storm) in the southern Indianapolis area. This sounded like a good idea since I had previously visited the other Royal Pin location nearby. However, it quickly became a GREAT idea once I confirmed that this site had recently upgraded to the new Delta Strike Genesis system!

I had been trying for quite awhile to find a place where I could play the Genesis gear “out in the wild” so this stop combined some cool CW history and some new Delta Strike innovation, both coming together in one laser tag arena!

This arena is impressive, not just because of it’s history, but equally on its own merit.

It includes multiple rooms…


upper level ramps…

and lots of cool aesthetic touches.

Up to this point I had only sampled the Genesis gear at trade shows, so it was nice to get the full experience going into a game where I could play around with all the features. These packs have a much cooler look then the previous generation.

I prefer this vest style because it doesn’t catch on my hat since the pack is no longer going over my head. I snapped the magnetic buckle and checked out the nuances that are hard to take in until you actually experience it in a game.

These packs do include a selfie camera, but it seems like the site is opting not to use that particular asset, as this is what I saw on my phaser screen.

I darted between the video stations to gather power-ups.

And I made sure to keep control of this gate as much as possible.

The “star laser” for the blaster is pretty cool looking, though I’m not sure I noticed much of a difference in function.

Honestly, the new system is sharp looking, but based on this game I didn’t feel like it played significantly differently from the Evolution. However, it was really nice to try it out and I look forward to the next time I get to play using this equipment. So glad I had the chance to stop by Royal Pin Expo Bowl, where old meets new!

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