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OMG...Zone V3!

I have made some wonderful friends through laser tag and I’m delighted that, with the world being so well connected through technology, I can occasionally even make tag friends on different continents. One such wonderful soul in Australia was recently kind enough to connect me with a couple of Zone V3 packs for my personal collection for which I am deeply moved and appreciative! A parcel arrived at my house yesterday containing these amazing pieces of Zone history!

These packs are significant to me because they represent a very early stage in the history of one of my favorite brands. In a way, it’s similar to the appreciation I have for Photon in that, even though this version was retired over a decade before and about five tech generations ahead of the first laser tag I ever touched (which, incidentally, was Zone Infusion), it feels very familiar. And I believe that if you love the game and the gear that evolved from it, then it’s important to appreciate and honor where it all started.

For a historical reference, you can see the timeline of Zone development over time listed here on the Laser Tag Museum website.

These packs harken back to the early days of Zone’s history and I’m intrigued by some of the subtle differences between them (for example, the shoulder plastics are different).

Another knowledgeable friend speculated that one of the phasers which contains tri-color lights may actually be a V4 phaser, though the solid yellow color phaser and two solid color packs are unquestionably the earlier generation. However, this makes me wonder if the difference in shoulder plastics might similarly be attributed to using some V4 plastic design? I’m not certain, just hypothesizing about that.

I was also excited to find that there were some extra “tag swag” goodies included from a few Australian tag sites as well.

There were two items I found particularly intriguing...

Thank you, my friend, for so generously sending these packs and goodies across the ocean to be treasured as part of my collection. Someday, when we are able to tag and travel once again, I hope to visit Australia and maybe we can play some laser tag with the latest version. But for right now, I hope you know how appreciative I am to be able to enjoy these artifacts of the game that we both enjoy so much!

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