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Playing A Different Zero Gravity

I found an arena that shares the same name (though no other connection) with my former home arena in Albany, NY.

When I learned about Zero Gravity Trampoline Park in Mounds View, MN I definitely wanted to again be able to say I played laser tag at Zero Gravity!

Time for a little CyberBlast.

Three of us went into a very light game just to experience the arena. It was a pretty typical one-level CW design with familiar walls.

However, I did take notice of a few unique accents that freshened up the look.

There was a ramp along one wall across from one spot where I spent a fair amount of game time.

Why did I pick this spot? Besides the base access?

The main reason is I continue to be enthralled by the CyberBlast animated projection targets. :) I waited out the cycle as the animation changed from the miner careening down a track, the rotating cloud and my favorite, the flying dragon!

I spent WAY too much of the game focused on this one particular target, barely doing anything extra to keep in the game. So, when we exited the game and the staff member who went in with us told me I’m the only person to have ever beaten him in a year and a half of working there I figured I shouldn’t let him know I was barely even trying because I was too busy watching the dragon!

It was a lot of fun for me to once again say I played laser tag at Zero Gravity and I was all the more delighted because I could leave saying, “been there, got the T-shirt”.

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