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Ready to Launch

I have had some great experiences at various Launch Family Entertainment Centers, but since they are independently owned franchises each one is also unique in its own way. As such, there were two things made my visit to Launch Orlando especially memorable...their awesome staff and a different game experience.

This was the first time I had played at a Launch location that was using Delta Strike Genesis equipment (which I have only had the chance to play on three other occasions so far) and it was also my first time seeing their new style of video bases.

Before my game began, I got a tour of the arena from floor manager, Jadlyn, who showed me some distinctive elements. This was a beautifully done, single level arena with video bases on each end and interactive targets positioned on the plane and helicopter props.

The layout of the arena made nice use of the space with the positioning of some of the barriers.

One wall was a bit more distinctive from an artistic theming standpoint.

However, my favorite walls were simple, but special because of the personalization. Throughout this arena you may notice names on the walls. They added the names of special people and individuals who played a role in the creation of the arena. Very nice touch of appreciation!

After my tour we got to prepare and suit up for the game.

I was looking forward to a proper trial of Genesis, as so far my experiences have mostly been 1v1 games. This time I had several staff members joining me, and they were so much fun!

We had a competitive free for all game that ended with the top score being a tie! I tied with the young woman playing on aqua, so big props to her. I had a few wristbands with me, so I passed them out to the staff members who played with my thanks for making this a great experience.

Then I had a chance to meet with the site’s Chief Operating Officer, Jeremiah Sullivan, and other members of the upper management team. It’s always great to talk with the people who are integral to providing customers with a quality laser tag experience.

I walked away with a nice souvenir t-shirt that commemorated my visit as well as a very favorable opinion of Launch Orlando!

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