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Honestly, I have not given one iota of thought to the prize redemption counter at my local laser tag arena in a LONG time. The last time I cared about a redemption prize at all was shortly before Christmas (maybe five or six years ago) when I was trying to win a drone for my nephew. Time was running out so I swiped my card on every machine at the arcade and just let the kids enjoy finding “free games!” and racking up the tickets for me while I was busy in the arena playing tag. However, that all changed last night as I got to try out Laserforce’s new redemption feature at my local arena where it is currently being beta tested as they start to roll this new element out to LF operators. Once my account was connected to a game card I was excited to see how many tickets I might be able to earn just for racking up a good score at laser tag.

As a side note, I have played tag at this particular arena for nearly a decade, and I have never once had an arcade game card at this site because I am simply not there to play the arcade games. However, I could definitely see myself caring about tickets during tag, not so much for the prize itself, but for the added personal challenge of meeting a goal both inside and out of the arena. I am a goal driven person, and this speaks to me as an added incentive with a little treat at the end.

So how does it work? First, I needed to request a game card and Fox paired it with my member account. I went in and played a round of color ranked free for all and came out with 11 tickets registered on the icon in the middle of my phaser screen.

That’s pretty cool! The tickets are also reflected on the scoreboard next to my player name.

There were 25 players in that game, so when we exited the arena we could check the kiosk to find our code name (or pack name) from among the icons on the screen.

And when I found my name and tapped on it I was able to see more detailed information about my individual performance in the last game on the digital scorecard.

Once again, I looked for the ticket icon next to my name to see what I had earned that could later be applied at the prize redemption counter.

So, these are the first prize redemption tickets I have earned in literally years and all of a sudden, I have a new reason to look twice at what is actually available at my center’s prize counter. If you had asked me two weeks ago, the only prize I would have been certain about was the giant stuffed snake suspended above the counter. Hmmm…perhaps it could be my new goal to win that for my office?

Having never redeemed tickets here before, I had to be directed to the station where I could check my game card balance.

Yes, I’ve walked past this station hundreds of times, but now I paid attention and after a few games I had earned a whopping 38 tickets (ok, the snake may still be there for a while).

What should I do with these tickets now? Well, I suppose a few games of blood, sweat and tears (ok, no actual blood or tears, but I definitely worked up a sweat!) deserves a piece of candy.

And that is how I ended my night of laser tag.

I think this new redemption feature hits the nail on the head for finding a new way to engage players in multiple aspects of what a center has to offer. As someone who didn’t look twice at the redemption counter, even at my own home site before this, now I’m looking at setting some different goals for myself during my laser tag games and that will definitely make things more interesting!

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