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Secret Santa Knows Me Well

My coworker, Shaun and I have known each other ever since college (don’t ask how many years that is!) and he remembers things about me that not everyone might know… like how back in the day I would compete for just about any pageant title, whether it was to be crowned the queen of milk, maple, lumber or lakes (all real examples, BTW). I do love when someone names me the queen of just about anything, so when Shaun picked my name for Secret Santa he remembered this and knew that he had found the perfect gift for me that works on multiple levels!

During our company Christmas party we exchanged gifts. When I opened this gift my first question to Shaun was “does this title come with a crown, lol?” Thank you Secret Santa for making me smile and giving me an excuse to share this throwback video from 2019 (laser tag adventures kick in at the 4:25 mark)…

I will happily accept this title any day. Thank you Shaun for the awesome t-shirt! And shout out to Mike and Myle for getting into the pic as well!

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