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Tagging Tactical at the Tail End of the Trip

My final arena visit at the tail end of this trip was the American Paintball Coliseum in Denver where I got to tag again with the iCOMBAT Barracuda, which attaches to the top of a Tippmann paintball marker. I played alongside Christian, Kamron and Jason who were ready to unleash their best this game.

The last time I played with the Barracuda gear was at the tournament I won in Kentucky and I remember getting some questions from people afterwards about how this equipment works, so here is a closer look.

Essentially the game is built entirely into this electronic box, which has sensors on the front and sides and mounts directly onto the paintball marker.

It makes sense that they would operate with equipment that ties back to paintball, since the other attractions offered here include paintball and airsoft.

They have a wide selection of paintball gear that I scoped out upon my arrival.

Deb gave me a tour of the paintball arena and the entire facility before I went into the 90x60 foot laser tag arena with the guys. In true tactical fashion this arena looks like you are entering a battleground with lots of interesting obstacles to play around.

Right from the get-go I pulled no punches and took Kamron by surprise landing my first tag right out of the gate. He had his eye on me during that round, while the other guys seemed more focused on one another. I always take this as a good sign when I think someone is underestimating me. :)

While they normally offer much longer multi-game sessions here, it was the end of a long trip so I settled for a single five minute game that just flew by! I had a blast getting back to the Barracuda and appreciated the staff hospitality to make sure I could get this game in at the end of the day. Many thanks to American Paintball Coliseum for a great time tagging tactical tonight!

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