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Tagging to the Top of the Top Ten List

What a nice surprise to learn that I have topped the leaderboard for the highest average among active members at our local site.

I knew that Axman and I were neck and neck for this for a while, and at one point there was only a six point difference between our averages. However, the leaderboard does not get updated every week and averages do tend to fluctuate, so while I knew I was very close the last time I played in Syracuse, I have been away for a couple of weeks, so this came as a pleasant surprise, right when I needed some good news.

I actually did not make it out to play last weekend because an emergency came up. My little gecko, Heli, had an accident which resulted in a fracture and I had to get her to an emergency vet on a weekend (no easy task when you have an exotic animal), where she was bandaged up in this “lizard cast.”

It is only after having a very optimistic follow up appointment yesterday that I can be at ease enough with her situation now to say (with love and humor) that this is the most expensive pair of Bermuda shorts I have ever had to buy! But my absolute priority is getting her back to full health, and I welcome you to send some good thoughts her way for a speedy recovery. I am so grateful that she is on the mend while being alert, active and in good spirits.

Meanwhile, I am also glad to learn my average held its own without my even being there to defend it. As things are starting to get back to normal, this weekend I hope to be back to my regularly scheduled laser tagging adventures!

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