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Taking a Tron Trek - Part 1: In The Game

I took a Tron Trek…yeah, I just made that name up. However, it seems like a fitting way to describe an afternoon spent traveling to eastern Massachusetts and playing at three arenas in a row that are all running Lasertron equipment….so there you go, a Tron Trek. My first stop was to In The Game in Peabody, MA.

I was greeted at the door when I arrived and I appreciate their diligence in checking my temperature and signing me in as part of their steps to keep things safe inside their facility. I was shown the way to the arena where, after a four hour drive, I was ready to burn off some energy and enjoy playing three games of shields up/down solo format with Dylan and Sam while I continued testing out fitness trackers. I want to be able to accurately measure my steps and distance inside different arenas while playing different systems and games and this was a chance to see how the results would vary compared to last week.

We climbed the steps to the upstairs arena.

Then we played three five minute games, which really got both my steps and my heart rate up as we tagged between the double levels.

I have taken a liking to arenas that utilize the bonus bases.

I found it easiest to dominate those bases when they activated by playing the majority of the game on the upper level. In this case bases were everything and I took each round easily off of base points alone. I checked me steps at the end and questioned the variance between a couple of my fitness trackers. I’m probably going to be investing in stepping up to a Fitbit before the end of the weekend because if I’m going to keep doing this accuracy in my tracker will be paramount. But if I take the results of those three games at face value I can say I got an AMAZING workout in a short amount of time while enjoying some great competition at the same time.

Before I left Katelynn was great to hook me up with some tag swag.

Many thanks to the staff at In The Game for starting my Tron Trek off with such a great time! I was impressed with the entire experience.

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