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There’s Something in the Urban Air

Often times you don’t know exactly what to expect when visiting an arena for the first time. I had one location on my tag itinerary listed under a different name than what it turned out to be, so when we called ahead the first surprise was that we would be headed to Urban Air in Oxford, MI. Based on my previous knowledge of laser tag at some Urban Air locations, I had expected that they would be operating with Delta Strike, so the second surprise was that they actually had Gen 8 Laserforce. Scuba and Dave were on the fence about whether to follow me to another arena, but once they heard about the system, they decided they were on board to join me for another stop.

Dave refers to this as “closet laser tag” because the arena was on the smaller side, however it made for a fun, light game, well sized for just the three of us, as we were the only ones playing at that moment.

This arena has a raised platform in the middle, accessible by several ramp points.

There are a handful of CW maze pieces positioned on both levels and perimeter walls had some neon painted artwork.

What I liked most about the arena were the large props on the floor that made it easy to have a little photo-op with Steve snapping the pics while Dave was shining his phone flashlight in my direction for more flattering lighting. I wish someone could have gotten a photo of that entire operation, lol!

These guys are used to me handing off the phone or snapping photos of the team, so this was just a warm-up before a full weekend of tag would be documented in photos for posterity. After we left Oxford we were ready to meet up with a few of the other Armageddon players for some social time and dinner before starting the tournament the next day. It was great to get some lighter tag in before the serious competition got started and we had a great time visiting Urban Air!

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