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Times Square is Not Just in NYC

A couple of weeks ago I was coordinating plans with a friend to visit some NYC laser tag arenas. I had just watched a video online about one called “Times Square” something-or-other and without digging any deeper I suggested we add that to the list. Aztec responded by saying “you know that’s in Texas, right?” Lol, oops! Well, that was before I ever expected I would actually be in Texas any time soon, so when I got there and stumbled across Times Square Entertainment in Katy, TX I assumed it was the same one I had been interested in two weeks prior. It was an easy decision to go just to say that I played there anyway.

Here’s the kicker though… I walked in and met the general manager, Barry, and explained to him why I had specifically made a point to visit this arena based on that video and he didn’t know what I was talking about. This was a case of mistaken arena identity! He did graciously give me a tour and a game experience, but this arena is completely unaffiliated with the one I saw in the video. They just have a similar NYC themed name and both just happen to be in Texas! I have joked that I don’t travel the country on purpose, I just get lost a lot…but in this case I think the confusion is understandable. :)

Times Square Entertainment in Katy, TX is a family entertainment center offering food, bowling, billiards and of course, laser tag. They are currently operating with Lazer Runner.

The single level is on the smaller side at about 2500 square feet, but the arena is set up nicely to make the most of the space.

They have a raised area on the side that could function as either a part of the arena or a small observation deck.

They are on the verge of doing an equipment upgrade, so I thought perhaps it was serendipity that I happened upon this site because as Barry and I chatted I was happy to be able to share a few insights. Sometimes things happen for a reason. If the unusual circumstances that led me to Texas have taught me anything it’s that when you just go with the flow you end up exactly where you are supposed to be. Perhaps that is precisely what led me to start my day at Times Square Entertainment as I continued my journey towards Houston.

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