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Two Grand Slams

I played two Grand Slam arenas in one day while in Minnesota. The first was located in Coon Rapids where I got to play a unique Lasertron 1v1 with Sam.

We entered the 4000 square foot arena and I could tell after the first few shots that I had a vest issue to begin with, but we rectified that quickly and I saw no reason to restart the game, so it kept going while we swapped out the pack. This meant I had a few shots to make up against my opponent in order to catch up.

What amazed me the most was how much of the game we spent trading shots in complete unison! What I mean is I would hear “shields up, great shot” in immediate succession and would also hear it at exactly the same time or a fraction of a second echo from Sam’s vest. Save for a handful of times, we were right in sync for most of the game, which made this a lot more fun and a way better challenge than I had expected.

As this was the first game of the day here, the stereo was not yet turned on, which means we played in complete silence. At the end we compared strategy and realized we had both been playing a “follow your senses” kind of game listening for footsteps and following cues that we could better pay attention to without the distraction of music playing in the arena. It made the game feel very stealth and strategic.

I had pulled ahead by the end of the game, but I thank Sam for being an incredibly worthy opponent!

Later that day I would get a chance to play another Grand Slam arena in Burnsville, MN.

The game was a bit lighter, as I was in the arena with two public players, but what I was impressed with here was the wall art. The maze was a typical Tron arena, but the walls had some beautiful, eye catching mural art.

I always find it interesting to compare and contrast arena designs, especially between similar locations, so it was great to get to visit two Grand Slam locations and see how things varied between them.

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