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Unexpected Surprises

The Web Extreme Entertainment in West Chester, OH was not what I expected, but definitely a great time.

I arrived under the impression that this site used Darklight, and since I get so few opportunities to play that system I was looking forward to it. However, when Richard and Owen and I entered the briefing room I discovered this was not the case.

They are currently running Battle Company…surprise! Well, this could be interesting. I have mostly played this quasi-tactical system in outdoor or battle themed tactical arenas, so to play in the maze arena they have there was a cool way to experience this more as a hybrid game. It was tactical tag in a traditional arena.

I put the head sensor on over my hat and got ready for the game.

For the record, this was an impressive Darklight arena! And there were even more surprises to be found throughout.

I couldn’t connect my CallSign account (as this arena did not show up for some reason) so instead I played under the codename HotSauce (cue the Repeat Offender music) and I played solo against Richard and Owen playing as a team, so it was 2v1. These guys warned me that “we play paintball, so we’re really good,” but I’ve heard that before…bring it on guys!

In the end I pulled the top score (which may have been an unexpected surprise for the guys) and really enjoyed the experience. It was not what I walked in expecting, but The Web was definitely a great time!

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