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Uniquely Jersey Experiences

I had two unexpected experiences during my New Jersey trip this weekend.

I suppose it is technically possible to drive through NJ without stopping at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash…but that would be like driving through and not stopping for laser tag! So of course I headed to Red Bank for some shopping in between arena visits. While I was there I had a chance to say hello to one of my favorite Comic Book Men, Mike Zapcic.

He wished me well with the Tag 4 A Cause fundraiser, as one of the other staff members had noticed my laser tag shirt. What an awesome (and uniquely Jersey) experience to have before grabbing a DELICIOUS veggie burrito at the restaurant across the street and continuing on to another unique experience at Teaneck Speedway in Teaneck, NJ.

I walked down the stairs to find an unexpected business that incorporates both racing fun and laser tag.

Now, laser tag at a racetrack is really not that unusual, but what was unique about this visit was the size of the track.

This track caters to tiny RC cars, not go-karts as I had imagined. This was really cool and unexpected!

I had a chance to do a VERY quick game of Lazer Runner with Cathy (who could not step away for long, but tags traded does technically constitute a game).

She showed me to the arena, a smaller space sized for kids, but decorated with some AMAZING airbrushed art!

Yes, the airbrushed art on the walls is the really notable aspect of this arena. You might say they have “tagged” their tag walls. :)

So, this was a different experience, but I am so glad I got to see what they are doing to bring both tag and racing to their community on an unexpected scale.

What a unique experience as I made my way through New Jersey!

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