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What Am I Hearing?

I started out on a weekend tag trip with intentions of visiting arenas in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Because of timing and location, my first stop was to Mel’s Funway Park in Litchfield, NH where I got to enjoy some some Lazer Runner with a couple of local players who were out for some fun early in the day.

I love the background wall behind the entrance gate!

And when we entered there was a Runner arena set up that went further back, opening up a nice sized game space.

I was delighted to find the v4 phaser style in use. The look of the game was familiar, but the sounds…hmmm. I thought I heard something a little different this time.

I’ll admit that I don’t play Runner enough to be absolutely positive, but I feel like I was hearing something new during this game that I could not recall hearing before, which makes me wonder if there is a different version or update that I should attribute it to. What am I hearing that made my ears perk up this time? It was like a marble dropping and bouncing every time I landed a tag. Listen and tell me if this is always the sound or not…

Hear that? I took note because I had not picked up on that in previous games at other locations. So that makes me second guess what I think I know. Is this sound different? Or is it always there and I am just noticing now? Oh, the questions that keep me up at night, lol!

Regardless, it was a lot of fun to play with this group and now I will pay much closer attention to what I am hearing next time I get a chance to experience. Lazer Runner.

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