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What Does This Have To Do With Laser Tag?

The night before I ventured to California I spent some time in Connecticut attending 90s Con. What does this have to do with laser tag? Well, two of the celebrities in attendance have been vocal about loving laser tag, including my favorite actor of all time, David Lascher.

When I was a kid there were a few significant television shows that resonated with me. For unexplained reasons Photon was one, but Hey Dude was another, so I detoured to Connecticut for a rare opportunity to meet some of the cast that had been a part of a really influential show if you were a kid of a certain age in the 90s. It was a nostalgic delight for me to be able to take a photo an meet David Lascher (Ted), Kelly Brown (Brad) and Josh Tygiel (Buddy) from the show I remember so fondly.

David Lascher previously mentioned in a video to me that there’s a good laser tag in Sherman Oaks (and he is right, more on that momentarily). I fully intend to wear this T-shirt to tag the merch!

However, across the aisle was another laser tag player, Melissa Joan Hart, who has gone on the record as loving laser tag and told me she had a cast party for the Melissa and Joey television show at a laser tag arena. Love that! So I had to make a point of meeting her as well to talk tag for a brief moment.

So that was all taking place prior to my trip, but since I was going to be in the Los Angeles area during my trip, of course I paid a visit to Ultrazone in Sherman Oaks.

Incidentally, the whole drive up from San Diego I was listening to the podcast he and Christine Taylor present called "Hey Dude...The 90s Called." Check it out, then be sure to check out the latest episode of my podcast too, "Laser Unfocused Tag Talk".

I love having the chance to play some Zone Nexus and they keep the equipment here running incredibly well. I got ready to explore this awesome arena once again…an arena that made Tiviachick’s Top Ten list, BTW.

After a REALLY good briefing (kudos to the game master for that) I entered the vesting room and prepared for my game.

And I had the best time with this group, meandering through the bases and remembering how much I love to play here.

At the end a couple of big guys approached me and asked if I was “Zap”, which I acknowledged. They reacted and then gave me a nod of appreciation.

I always love a game at Ultrazone, but somehow this time it seemed even more special on the heels of my trip to Connecticut. Not a bad way to finish up my last night in California too!

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