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What’s New On My Arm

What's new on my arm? If you’re about to guess a tattoo, you are mistaken, but I am wearing a couple of new things on my arm that I think are worth sharing.

I have said many times that I go to laser tag in place of going to the gym. Beyond the fact that I simply love the game, laser tag can also be quite a workout. Since October I have been writing about laser tagging my way through a variety of distance challenges which gave way to setting up the very first Tag 4 A Cause event in November, but up to this point I have really only zeroed in on the fact that you walk a tremendous number of steps when you play the game. Recently I decided to try something that could impact the upper half of my body during game play as well.

Before I go on further I want to be clear that I don’t typically do product reviews and what I am about to share is NOT paid advertising in any way. Actually, it’s the opposite because I bought and paid for these items myself and then decided to share them here just because I think they are a good idea that I have already added to my laser tag routine.

I recently learned about Cali Weights and decided to try them out. These are weighted bracelets that function as both jewelry and a tiny bit of weight added to your arm in the form of a wristband that you can wear all day. The idea makes sense that these could add a little extra toning benefit with no extra effort just by wearing them (gotta love that) so I figured I’d give them a shot. I started wearing them to laser tag a few weeks ago and figured they might add something to the experience simply on account of the way you have to hold the phaser. For most laser tag systems you will need to hold the phaser up using both hands to play while you consistently hold it in position to be ready to tag at any moment. So the nature of the game requires that both of your arms are held upward for most of the duration of your time in the arena if you want to be in a ready position. That’s why it seems logical to me that if you add a little weight to the wrist you would exert a bit more energy from the process. However, at only a 1/4 pound per bracelet they are still light enough that they don’t get in the way. I really am not even aware of the increased weight unless I up it to two bracelets (1/2 pound) per wrist, which I’m thinking about doing soon when their metallic collection drops. In the meantime, I like these silicone ones.

I bought the small size bands because that is what they had in stock at the time, although if I were to do it again I would probably step up to a medium just because they were a little snug. However, I stretched them out a bit by storing them around a shampoo bottle and that gave them just enough give to fit comfortably after a couple of days. I am now wearing them every day, for work and regular life, not just at laser tag.

Something else that I have started wearing is my new Road iD. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to travel, but this just makes good sense for safety when I do. I bought a wristband engraved with my emergency contact information just in case anything should happen to me while I’m on the road or in the arena. Now, some arenas require you to fill out a waiver that might include emergency contact info, but I’d say the majority of the ones I visit do not. Prior to the pandemic I was literally crossing the country monthly for laser tag and I was off playing in multiple arenas in every state. While I have always carried emergency info in my wallet, heaven forbid if anything were to happen while I’m traveling and an emergency contact needed to be reached right away. I recall an instance when I was at a tournament and a teammate had a seizure and the only contact any of us had for his family was via Facebook...NOT an ideal scenario. So that is why from this point on I’m going to wear the Road iD wristband whenever I travel for tag so that if something happens and I can’t speak, then it will be easier for emergency personnel to reach my contacts if need be. However, I may also modify this slightly for privacy, particularly because I post so many photos on my blog. I will be covering the contact info with a stripe of tape so as to not have personal info constantly visible, however it will still remain accessible. I was impressed with how quickly the order for this bracelet was completed because I had it in time for my most recent travels and that gave me an extra bit of comfort and security to be able to go play some laser tag without any worry.

And the final new addition to my arm is a new glow in the dark wristband. The new ones have just arrived and they will be available at my upcoming Tag 4 A Cause events, which I’m delighted to say has resumed and is going on right now. The next Tag 4 A Cause event will take place on June 5th at Q-Zar Toledo in support of Feeding America.

I want to thank Q-Zar Toledo for being my next host location and if you want to get one of these Tag 4 A Cause wristbands all you have to do is participate, donate and play some laser tag.

By the way, there are lots of great causes out there that you can support by laser tagging via their virtual challenges. While I’m supporting the official Tiviachick’s Tag 4 A Cause I still enjoy laser tagging in support of other worthwhile charities and this week I was glad to give my support from inside the arena to the Home Run 5K for Habitat for Humanity Kenosha.

Whatever charitable cause it is that you support, just get out there and make a difference. And remember that you can certainly make that difference while having fun, staying safe and healthy and playing laser tag.

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