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Where I Spent My Spare Time

I got to play some laser tag at two Spare Time locations, one in Huntersville and one in Pineville, NC and had some cool things transpire at both.

When I joined the group going in for a game at the Huntersville location, we all picked up Zone Rift packs. This is a nostalgic favorite for me, so I always enjoy playing with this gear, but I do recognize that the gear is a bit older, so when the game master told me we were about to enter a brand-new arena I was a bit surprised. I asked how new, and he said it was completed last week. Spit take…what?! So, I asked how it was that they have a brand-new arena and yet are operating with older gear and he said the equipment will be upgraded in August. So, this was definitely a unique “old meets new” kind of game as I got to be among the first to check out this stunning single level arena redesign.

This arena was so new I felt like I could still smell the paint! It was so cool to play in an arena space this new and the game was a lot of fun as well. I was playing with a group of college-aged students who were playing hard and having a great time. I had not looked at the name on my pack (and the screen was not functioning to tell me), but when I heard “Commander has taken the lead” over the loudspeaker I assumed that was probably me. It turns out I was right. We left that game having had a quality game experience and I wish them well with their continued upgrades. In the meantime, I was ready for a bite to eat.

Shout out to the cooks at Spare Time Huntersville, I had THE BEST giant pretzel and took some mac and cheese for the road. Then I was off to my next Spare Time Location in Pineville.

Here I joined a group of fellow travelers. When I explained to these guys that I was from NY they shared all the states that that they were from and that they were there as part of a special group activity that had brought them all together from across the country as well.

This arena had a similar design to the last one, so I am guessing they had recently gotten a new look as well.

However, they were a bit further along in the process because they had gotten their new laser tag equipment at this point. I know because here we were playing with the new Helios 2 packs!

They also had video bases installed.

So, I am now wondering if all the Spare Time locations may be following this path? I hope so because I had overheard talk at my local Spare Time about new equipment coming soon, so my hope is that before too long I may be able to play Helios 2 back at home too. For now though it was enough to enjoy two great experiences at two separate Spare Time locations that were similar, yet completely unique and both great places for me to spend a little bit of my own Spare Time on this tag trip.

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