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Working My Way Across Wisconsin

I had started my day on the eastern side of Wisconsin and ended up on the western side with a visit to Action City in Eau Claire.

What struck me about this location was the homegrown style arena nestled inside a fairly comprehensive FEC that is part of the Metropolis Resort. It’s a place with a lot going on, so it would have been easy enough to go with one of the better-known arena designers, but I have a soft spot for arenas that are a bit more original, like this.

My favorite part of this arena is the neon string laser beams, which are one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to do give a DIY effect real impact. I love the look that is achieved!

This arena is pretty much one level, although there are ramped hallways on either side.

These hallways are not particularly playable. Once you are there you are a sitting duck because there is no place to duck out until you get to the other side.

The rest of the arena looks like a cross between a neon landscape…

…and stylistic children’s art.

There are some cool accents like this trellis structure in the middle.

Overall, this game of Laser Blast was just a nice, light way to end a busy day of tag and travel.

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