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Worth A Second Trip

The Burrow in Oakdale, MN was one site I wasn’t sure I would be able to get back to. I had stopped over and tried to play some laser tag earlier in the evening, but the arena was temporarily down for repairs. However, with thanks to the manager at their sister site, I was able to coordinate a return visit on Thursday evening, which was the only night that it would have been possible for me to make a second visit, given their hours. So, I made the trip back to Oakdale and can honestly say this arena was absolutely worth it.

I am always most interested in finding something unique. As soon as I walked into this arena, I loved the look of the space. They have done a great job executing their concept with neon props making up more of the maze than walls themselves.

This arena has two full floors. There is a fully grated floor on the second level, allowing complete access for tagging between the levels across the entire space. That is notable! It is a real game changer to look down from above and be able to see everything.

I spent most of my time up on the second level taking in the aesthetic of what I suppose is a toxic waste/abandoned factory theme. The details leave some things up for interpretation.

Another cool thing about this experience e was the use of additional sound effects to set the scene. Throughout the game there were periodic sirens and alarms going off, giving the toxic danger zone theme some added drama. I love the theatrics!

It was an enjoyable game using Helios CE.

It took a little coordination to get back here, but The Burrow was definitely worth returning to experience.

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