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Tivia Plays Darklight

The unique shape of a Darklight phaser is one of the most obvious distinctions with this system, but the fact that the game heavily leans towards live action role playing with GEMs impacting the game strategy also makes it a little different. Two handed play is required to target the “BLOBS” (aka the sensor light bubbles) as you must hold down one button while pulling the trigger.

What a night playing Darklight...

During my many travels I have enjoyed several opportunities to play Darklight. What struck me most about this system was the unusual shape of the phaser. While the equipment is a little on the bulky side, I had a wonderful time playing in a variety of arenas including the World's Largest Laser Tag arena in Belleville, IL. I have found this system to have a completely different feel to it and have found it to be both immersive and tactical at once. Great memories, great time!

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