Faking Photon

Yesterday I was offered an opportunity to play a Photon emulation game and I couldn't pass that up! :) During the first hour at the laser tag arena there were a handful of players there and they played a couple of rounds before disappearing. They were some older teenagers who had clearly come as a group and they were traveling as a pack. Then they disappeared all together for a short time, leaving Paul and I the only ones there for a brief window before things got busy and more players arrived. I had been chatting with Mike, the staff member behind the counter, about my trip earlier this year to play some old-school Photon at the PhoCon 30th anniversary event that took place at XP Laserspo

Seven Miles Down The Road

I am a creature of habit. Although I have played various laser tag arenas in my travels, my scope of experience has largely been based on playing at one favorite arena reasonably close to my home. I had played in a handful of arenas that I found within a fifty mile radius courtesy of an excellent resource, wheretoplaylasertag.com, and felt I had explored these places well enough to decide that the place where I play regularly offered the best experience out of the options I knew about. However, there are so many systems and game options in the world of laser tag that I thought it would be cool to seek out some other centers with the intention of making day trips to places a little further aw

Tale of a Broken Phaser

I am very competitive and I find that most often I feel like I'm in the greatest competition against myself and the standards of what I hope to achieve. So every time I go into the laser tag arena I do so with the desire for coming out in first place. However, that doesn't always happen. Sometimes there are factors you can control (like how intensely you are focused, how strategic you are in getting the bases, how many shots you take....Wayne Gretzky said "you miss one hundred percent of the shots you never take"), but often times there are factors over which you have no control (how many players are in the game, how skilled - or aggressive - they are, whether they are using team strategy or

The Night I Returned To Laser Tag

Ever since I was young I've had a fascination with laser tag. I was a child of the 80s and my first exposure to the sport wasn't actually in an arena. Instead I became familiar with it by watching a children's TV show based on the original laser tag game, Photon. And while this show took lots of space themed twists and turns with plots that some might argue have little to do with laser tag itself, the point is that it succeeded in peaking my interest. Now, at the time I was too young to play and there was no center at which to play nearby anyway (at least not to my knowledge) even if I could, but there was home game gear and for a kid that seemed cool enough to suffice. Later on I develope

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